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Gov’t Should Supports Churches So To Enhance National Growth- Renowned Pastor

The Country Director of Awesome Bible College who also Doubles as the Head Pastor of souls Pasture Church at Asuofo- Achiase in the Ashanti Region, Rev.Emmanuel Boachie has reiterated that during any form of global crisis (like COVID19) the first institution that comes to mind is the church and its leadership (place of refuge_ NADMO), yet it remains the last to remember in times of honour, though the world has its own way to fulfil Jesus’ stastament, ‘the first shall be last and the last shall be first which can be caught a glimpse of in the Holy Book (Matthew. 20:16)

“what an oxymoron of irony.”

He added that most of the world’s leaders were raised up in churches but the universities and political parties claim exclusivity of credit to it, the church and its leadership play pivotal role such as national peace Council (predominantly clergymen), place for votes (campaign season), registration centres (EC), community centres (for Local Assembly), media studios (for NCCA).

He stressed out that the clergymen provide shadow services:
Preach against crime (Police Officers)
Settle disputes (Magistrate)
Offers counselling (psychologist).
Offer spiritual help (Psychiatrist)
Offer encouragement, hope and excitement (Entertainment industry).
Pray for peace (Military Service).
Intermediate between the nation and heaven (Ambassador).
Nurture young ones (life coach).

“If governments would be sincere, discerning and analytical enough within all spectrums, they will realise that it is actually the state which is highly indebted to the church.” He lamented

Historically, there is no non-governmental organisation on earth that has faithfully played its vital role towards National development than the church, especially in the areas of: education, hospitals, orphanage, charity, life support schemes for the needy and disabled, craft, scholarship schemes, etc.

He said The Church of Pentecost and others in Ghana are building prison camps and police stations, schools, hospitals,but These are what society expects from governments of their respective nations, so if the church has taken a lead ahead of governments, then, every reasonable person should rather encourage the government to show gratitude by supporting the church but not to override it.

“As Britain is known by King James l and John Wesley, likewise should Ghana be known by

He emphasized that Britain is moreover known by the Anglican and the Methodist Churches, similarly should Ghana be known by THE CHURCH OF PENTECOST and LIGHTHOUSE CHAPLE INTERNATIONAL.

These are the indigenous Ghanaian organisations on the world map without any substantive cost to the Ghana government, yet, they are nonessential to the government.

“Dr Kwame Nkrumah was trained a priest and almost all the names of best secondary schools in Ghana begins with a SAINT’S or CHURCH likewise private tertiaries and hospitals.”

“Politicians use the church to gain power and later turn against it.”

When Queen Elizabeth died, African presidents were packed on a bus like students but it is on records that Archbishop Dancun Williams attends banquet and breakfast meeting at Whitehouse and Buckingham Palace.” he said sadly

All these clergymen are on the map of the world by virtue of their genuine or false association with Jesus Christ.

This is what prophet Simeon said about infant Jesus, ‘….this child is destined to cause….THE RISING OF MANY and the GLORY OF YOUR PEOPLE (GHANA) yet many will oppose Him. Luke. 2:34

He backed the above with Quotation like John 15:19
[19]which reads If you (Church) belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you. Translated in the local language that
“S3 mo anyi me ay3 a ns3e me din.”

“Is it not the church relevant, essential and inevitable?”he quizzed

He urged the govt to extend its godly intervention to the churches to grow and win souls for Christ Jesus.

HAVE YOU ASSOCIATED YOURSELF WITH JESUS CHRIST by believing in Him as your Lord and personal savour?He asked

By Lawrence Odoom

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication do not in anyway reflect the opinions of State News Ghana

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