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Ekumfi fruit and Juice factory is fully operational and expending,ignore attention seeking Mp


The good management of the Ekumfi Fruit and Juice Factory at Ekumfi Nanaben in the Central Region has dispelled false reports from the MP of the constituency in the person of Hon. Abeiku Crentsil that the company has collapsed and also staffs are not being paid

When our team arrived at the factory unannounced, we saw staffs at the factory right from the main entrance to the factory working in a good and high spirit.

We witnessed a full scale production of EKUJUICE and visited the finished products area where we saw large scale of the products in different varieties.

We witnessed harvesting at the Sardo farm site and took some time off to interact with some of the highly motivated and compitent workers.

The factory is still in full operation producing on a large scale, adding that there are plans to introduce some new products.

In an interaction with Kojo Andoh and the team from YES FM , the Director of Operations in the person of Mr.Frederick Kobbyna Acquaah, noted that the factory had also been able to increase its pineapple farmlands.
For clarification sake,we visited 3 farm sites, totaling about 3,000 acres, we saw, boreholes that supply the farms with water and of course there were numerous of them and on records theses were all built by the factory. In addition the team got the opportunity to witness the huge number of pineapples that are ready and yet to be ready for harvesting and staffs working in High spirit also.

“We are into full production, and we have been accepted nationwide and even the boundaries of the country. We are switching to the next gear, that’s why investors coming in [to invest]” and as it has been quoted, we witnessed the necessary documents involving the international exporting.

These as you know is the one district one factory, so there is enormous support from the 1DIF Secretariat. This trip is also important because of some negative reportage that the factory isn’t functioning properly and also staffs are not paid according to the Member of Parliament for Ekumfi constituency in the person of Hon. Abeiku Crentsil.

The Ekumfi Fruits and Juice Factory is under the government’s flagship programme, One District One Factory.

The factory has numerous staff who are even fed on regular basis with scrumptious cuisine and of course we were honoured to have lunch with the staffs and we were given 3 packs of EKUJUICE to be taken home.

“The factory is in full operation, salaries are being paid in full and even in December, Salaries were paid for a month and half all for Christmas packages.

Ekumfi Juice factory is a wholly Ghanaian-owned company and has one of the most modern, automated agro-processing plants in the country.

Its first batch of products that hit the markets in 2020 was made of raw pineapple and citrus fruits, which came in a 250ml tetra pack.

With more than 3,000 acres of pineapple farm, employing huge number of staffs isnt news, the factory had created direct employment opportunities for over 550 people including engineers, food scientists, marketing professionals, accountants, and technicians for it’s maiden operation.

In addendum, more than 3000 indirect job opportunities in Ekumfi and other adjoining districts have been created and this is evidential.

The facility is the biggest fruit processing factory in West Africa, with the capacity to process 10 tons of fruits per hour.

Funded by the Exim Bank Ghana Limited, the agricultural industrial intervention has significantly gingered the spirit of entrepreneurship in many Ghanaians as its office keeps receiving quantities of business proposals from various entities and persons across the world.

Meanwhile, the 10m Dollors worth of the gad has moved up to 30milion Dollars.

The factory is expected to export 8 containers every month to their foreign partners.

The company also seeks to expand and sustain its 19 shared-grower sites established in Ekumfi Nanaben, Narkwa, Abor, Eyisam, Otuam, Egyaakwa, Asaman, and Gyankoma.

In all, share-growers engaged at the Gyankoma sites have cultivated nearly 600 acres of pineapples and keep planting every day to meet the eight-acre demand of pineapples.

The Factory on it own has over 3000 acres of land for farming and this alone has created direct jobs for more than 1000 people.
Ekumfi Sardo and Gomoa Obiri are some of the communities where you can locate these Lands.

So indeed the Member of Parliament for Ekumfi constituency was only throwing dust into the eyes of the people of Ghana.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication do not in anyway reflect the opinions of State News Ghana

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