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Historic agreement between Ghana Gas and the European Union for gas supply.

The Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) and the Office National de Hydrocarbures et Des Mines of Morocco inked a historic MOU with the Ghana National Gas Company, the national gas companies of the Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, and Sierra Leone (OHNYM).

This happened in Rabat, Morocco, on Tuesday, December 6.

The Ghana National Gas Company entered into this agreement, which has the potential to change the economic landscape of all the involved nations, after solidifying its position as the country’s top midstream gas business company. The Ghana National Gas Company owns and operates the infrastructure required for gathering, processing, transporting, and marketing national gas resources in Ghana and internationally.

Mrs. Sylvia Assimeng Archer, Ghana Gas’ Company Secretary and General Manager in charge of the Commercial Legal division, led the delegation on behalf of Dr. Ben K.D. Asante, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, to Morocco.

The MOU relates to the Nigeria Morocco Gas Pipeline, a 5600 km trans-African line that will link Nigeria and Morocco while passing through Ghana and other Ecowas nations.

In 2016, the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Kingdom of Morocco came up with the concept for the pipeline.

Future plans call for expanding this line all the way to Europe.

Takoradi has been chosen as one of the three locations to house compressor stations along the pipeline to emphasise the significant role Ghana plays in this.

It is impossible to overestimate the numerous advantages of this pipeline, which will improve the economic well-being of the people in the concerned countries.

Natural gas will help the growth of the mining, oil, and agricultural industries.

For the 340 million individuals this initiative is anticipated to affect, this will undoubtedly lead to an overall improvement in their standard of living.

Ghana Gas is in a good position to be a cooperative partner and work towards the project’s successful completion.

In her remarks, Sylvia Archer emphasised the historic significance of this landmark agreement and its overall relevance to all the countries participating on behalf of the CEO, Dr. Ben Asante.

She praised the NNPC and ONHYM for their leadership and collaboration on the project and reaffirmed Ghana Gas Company’s commitment to seeing that it succeeds.

Africa stands to gain significantly from the implementation of the project, which goes beyond the provision of gas to revitalzse the countries along the route, according to Mr. Mele Kyari, group chief executive officer (GGCEO) of NNPC.

The managing director of the Gambia’s National Petroleum Company (GNPC), Mr. Baboucarr Njie, emphasised that recent similar finds in Senegal and Mauritania, two countries that are neighbours, have pushed his country to seek for hydrocarbons.

He continued by saying that the chance provided by the NMGP project will significantly increase their prospects of finding natural gas in the Gambia.

The pipeline will carry around three billion cubic feet of gas per day from Nigeria to Morocco and eventually to Europe once it is finished.



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