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Mahama’s emoji reaction to Akuffo-Addo recent speech triggers reactions.

Following former president John Dramani Mahama’s emoji response to president Akufo-recent Addo’s appeal for his African counterparts to stop pleading with the West, people on Twitter are responding in a variety of ways.

On Thursday morning, Mahama tweeted a piece by the former Nigerian senator Shehu Sani and followed it with a double emoji of monkeys with closed eyes.

Sani compared Akufo-advice Addo’s to stop pleading with the West with Ghana’s ongoing economic negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

In a tweet on December 14, he came to the conclusion that Akufo-Addo was using one hand to accept IMF assistance and the other to warn his peers.

“Ghana’s President is collecting IMF loan with the right hand and using the left hand to warn African Governments against begging the west for money,” the tweet read.

People responding to Mahama’s nonverbal/nontext post are either finding humour in it or criticising him for minimising a significant issue.

Over the past few months, Mahama has delivered speeches on Ghana’s economic predicament, offered remedies to the problems, and urged the government to take action to lessen the load the populace was bearing.

Read some reactions below:

Twitter user by name Caleb @lookatmenowyh responded: “you call yourself president, you don’t even think about your people. How can you be happy for this? sigh”

tackie theophiluq @TTheophiluq also replied: “IMF belongs to every country not the west therefore going for a loan from an organisation you belong to is not begging.”

EvAnS Ne-Yo @Evans_NeYo hit back at the former president: “You went to IMF also.”

StarBoy @StarboyPizzle mounted a defense: “That’s why he didn’t shamelessly go and stand anywhere to preach against begging or borrowing.”

Prof. Kofi @iam_dheryk opted to look at the light side: “You can really troll eii,” he tweeted.

WE ARE ALL KWAKU @Saint_Chevna opted to make a political appeal: “The youth cries for your rescue sir. We desperately need you in 2024 Action nkotee, JM b3ba 2024.”


What Akufo-Addo told peers at the US-Africa summit

Akufo-Addo urged African nations to stop pleading for aid from the West in order to gain respect from the rest of the world and alter outdated ideas about the continent.

President Akufo-Addo praised Africa’s talent and workforce during his remarks at the current US-Africa Leaders’ Summit in Washington, DC. He believes that when properly utilized, these resources may bring about tremendous change.

“If we stop being beggars and spend African money inside the continent, Africa will not need to ask for respect from anyone, we will get the respect we deserve. If we make it prosperous as it should be, respect will follow,” President Akufo-Addo is quoted by

“Africans are more resilient outside the continent than inside. We must bear in mind that to the outside world, [there’s] nothing like Nigeria, Ghana or Kenya, we are simply Africans. Our destiny as people depends on each other,” he added.

President Akufo-comments Addo’s come after Ghana on December 13, 2022, successfully negotiated a Staff-Level Agreement for US$3 billion under an Extended Credit Facility with the International Monetary Fund (ECF).

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