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The National Cathedral’s 80 million in allocated funding is put on hold by Parliament.

The Trades and Industry Committee of Parliament has suspended the construction of the National Cathedral with the GH$80 million allocated for it.

Prior payments had been made from the contingency fund; this was the first time money had been properly set aside for the project.

The finance minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, asserts that more than GH330 million of the fund has already been used.

A 2023 allocation was allocated to the Ministry of Tourism (MoT), but the Committee insisted that both the new allocation and the preceding expenditures were to be justified in order for the budgeted amount to be accepted.

“What the Committee decided was that we cannot just approve this GH¢80 million, we must know how the other GH¢339 million was spent. What did it constitute?

“The GH¢80 million you want us to approve, how did it find space in the budget line of the Ministry of Tourism when the Minister and the directors could not speak to the questions we were asking? What constitutes the GH¢80 million, they should give us a breakdown,” he stressed.

The minority in Parliament wants to know how much money the government is spending on the cathedral project and Akufo-fancy Addo’s private jet travels, two recent hot-button issues.

The National Cathedral issue has recently gotten robust reactions, especially from the Minister of Finance. While attempts to gain official records of the cost of presidential plane travels through Parliament have frequently failed,

Ken Ofori-Atta disclosed during his testimony before a select committee of Parliament that the money used to pay for the project instead of his own came from the Contingency Fund.

The government added a project-related expense line item for the first time in the 2023 budget, with GH80 million cedis set aside for payment.

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