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NDC Congress: Aspirants should Campaign devoid of malice, Insults or Attacks-Wonder Victor Kutor

An aspiring National Executive Member (NEC) for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) , Mr wonder Victor Kutor has passionately urged all aspirants in the party’s forthcoming internal elections gunning for any position in the party to not take the party’s internal elections to cast aspersions or attack opponent.

Mr Wonder called for discipline and peace in the upcoming elections to help sustain the unity in the party to aid the NDC to reclaim political power in 2024.

He said , Unity in the party would help the NDC organise itself well ahead of 2024 to rescue the country from the hands of the cluessless NPP administration.

Wonder has been speaking to party aspirants who are vying for various positions in the party to get the nod to man the affairs of the party.

He called for hard work, dedication and sacrifice from the rank and file of the party supporters especially the aspirants when they win their respective races.

He admonished all candidates to be very circumspect in their respective campaigns thus avoid campaign of insults, personal attack, back Bitting and strange activities that slow paces and undermines the partys unity.

“All are winners, no one is a looser, all we need in the party is unity to reclaim power from the NPP. we are not each others enemies ,npp is rather our target and not ourselves ”

Mr. Wonder also underscore the need for the NDC to wrestle power from this inept elephant size government and be the party of choice by pointing out that, all the achievements and gains of the country started and initiated by the NDC would be continued to protect those gains chalk by the party during Mills/Mahama administration.

He again said, it is utterly paramount for all members of the party to forge ahead in unity to reclaim political power in the 2024 polls.

He also advised delegates to elect competent executives who have the party at heart to steer the affairs of the great NDC to simply secure victory for the party come 2024.

“I’m calling for a free, fair, peaceful and transparent election for all candidates.”

He further stated that NDC must forge ahead in unity for the party members to work assiduously for victory in 2024 to resolve the increasing hardship being visited on Ghanaians by the inept Akufo-Addo administration.

He appealed to all stakeholders to ensure that the elections are conducted in a democratic, civil, peaceful, fair and transparent manner.

He said although the NDC is in expectation to work creditably in accordance with the party’s structures but the party members must ensure that they sell the good message of the party to Ghanaians to distinguish the deceitful NPP and the trusted NDC party.

By Lawrence Odoom/

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication do not in anyway reflect the opinions of State News Ghana

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