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If you want to live longer, avoid having sex, advises Uncle Ebo Taylor.

Uncle Tayor, a highlife icon, has provided some advice on how to stay youthful and healthy. He admitted to Giovani Caleb on 3FM Drive that living a quiet life and consuming a lot of fruit have extended his life.

Uncle Ebo also mentioned the negative effects of excessive sex on one’s health. The 86-year-old, who just just made his way back to Ghana after touring the globe, is an inspiration to many people.

He played on international stages in cities such as Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, and others while having diabetes, which has impacted his eyesight. His trick? generally taking good care of one’s health by eating well, abstaining from sex, and avoiding conflict

Uncle Ebo Taylor responded, “No, rather you should keep away from sex. If you want to know why he appears younger, it’s not because of sex. I have no enemies.

Uncle Ebo, one of the creators of Ghanaian highlife, has spent the last ten years creating his studio album. He retorted that the prolonged wait was a result of his method, in which he waits for the tunes to come to him. He admitted that he doesn’t rush the process and thanked his band for their effort and unwavering support.

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