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Unemployed nursing assistants take to the streets of Tamale to protest government discrimination.

Today, Tuesday, September 20, the Northern Chapter of the 2019 batch of the Nursing Assistant Clinical and Preventive Services will take to the streets of Tamale to protest what they see as government discrimination.

It has been 10 months since the Ghanaian Ministry of Health launched its recruiting site, allowing all cadres of nurses and midwives to select their preferred regions for posting, according to a statement from the coalition’s leadership.

Although certificate nurses have not yet been posted, both degree and diploma nurses and midwives have since been assigned to their desired geographic areas and organizations in March and April, respectively.

“Our total population is Ten thousand Seven hundred and Twenty-seven and we have been home for three (3) good years after completion meanwhile we don’t undergo National Service and we are gradually de-learning the knowledge and skills we acquired.

“Currently, we are going through a lot because majority of us are breadwinners for our families and due to the public claim made by the ministry on the imminent recruitment of all cadres led to a lot of layoffs by private institutions some were working for leading most of us to hawking, galamsey and other means to survive,” the statement further revealed.

The coalition has also referred to recent government communications that purport to show that all 2019 cadre nurses and midwives have been posted as false.

The organization is expecting thousands of participants in Tuesday’s protest.

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