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NDC stalwart advises members to be cautious in their campaigns and not to arm NPP

In advance of the party’s next elections, Mr. Dan Sackey, a party leader, has urged party members to refrain from criticizing candidates while endorsing another candidate.

He claimed that by assaulting one another, the party’s members would not only weaken it but also provide the rival party ammunition to attack it.

At an orientation program for elected branch executives put on by the NDC Anyaa East ward of the Anyaa Sowutuom constituency, Mr. Sackey made this statement.

The NDC stalwart, who formerly served as the constituency’s chairman for Weija, claimed that the party’s top priority was to save Ghana.

He emphasized that the NPP nightmares would not last forever and that the NDC was prepared and in a position to bring back the good times and relief for all Ghanaians in 2024.

The new executives were encouraged by Chairman Sackey, as he is affectionately known, to devise strategies that will entice those who were previously not NDC members to join the party.

He continued by saying that encouraging others to join the party will only be feasible if party members share a sense of brotherhood and love.

A pillar of the party, Madam Irene Edem Mensah urged the group to stick together.

She stated that in order to beat the current New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the 2024 presidential and legislative elections, party members must band together and embrace peace.

“I want to personally appeal to those who may have one or two reasons to be aggrieved during and after the branch elections to sacrifice their personal ambition for the collective interest of our great party.

“We need both the victors in the branch election and those who didn’t succeed to work in unity for the progress of the NDC if 2024 elections are to be successful,” Madam Edem Mensah said.

Mr. Patrick Antwi, the Anyaa East Ward Coordinator, urged the branch members to be open and transparent and to be prepared to work for the NDC’s victory.

He bemoaned the hardship of Ghanaians and promised that it would end as soon as the NDC came to power in 2025.

The NDC, said to Mr. Antwi, “has light and hope.”

He emphasized that the NDC will win in a landslide and expressed confidence that the party would win both the parliamentary and presidential elections.

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