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Reminder : Pure water to be sold 50pesewas, Bottled water 3ghc Today

Directly following exorbitant fuel costs,the Sachet and Filtered water delivering organizations have made plans to increase the price of their products as bottled water to be sold GHS3.00 whiles buyers of pure water will now purchase it 50pesewas.

The Public Relations officer for Sachet and Bundled Water Makers (NASPAWAP) has declared one more vertical addition in the costs of sachet and filtered water viable today Monday, September 19.

As per the Affiliation, a pack of sachet water, 500ml by 30pcs, is to be sold at ¢7 most extreme from the retail trucks.

Meanwhile, the Smaller than expected shops, nonetheless, will retail the ware at ¢9 per sack most extreme.

Moreover, the cost of chilled sachet water will be retailed at ¢0.50p, while the 500ml filtered water will be retailed at ¢2.

Chilled filtered water of 750ml or medium size, will be sold at ¢3.00.

NASPAWAP in the articulation gave on Wednesday ascribed the change of costs to the high fuel cost and the cedi depreciation.

“The cost surveys have been required by the increasing expense of data sources, for example, fuel and bundling materials which are mostly imported, expansions in power and water which produced results from September 1, 2022.

“At our past survey in Walk 2022, the dollar was in the area of ¢8.5. Presently, it is creeping up to ¢10. Fuel costs have altogether gone up since our last audit. It was 9 and presently it is ¢14.5, which is a 61 % change since Walk 23, 2022.”

Portions of the assertion, in any case, forewarned that there may be slight varieties in costs across the districts because of haulage to remote and far off regions.

The Affiliation further spoke to one and all to help out the vendors since the change is to decrease the creation cost of makers.

“The recommended change is to assist makers with taking care of their creation costs. We value the troubles our purchasers need to go through to get through these difficulties.

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