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Jackline Mensah slammed over tro-tro comment

Jackline Mensah, a TikTok sensation from Ghana, said in a brief interview with Pulse Gh Entertainment that she will never be romantically involved with a man who patronize trotro.

The socialite clarified that although love is blind to social standing, given her current notoriety, it would be challenging for her to engage in a romantic relationship with a man who commutes by trotro.

She continued by saying that she had passed that level and will feel ashamed if her boyfriend comes to see her inside a trotro.

Click to watch video: I Can’t Date A Man Who Uses Trotro – Jackline Mensah Declares

These comments from Jackline have triggered a lot of netizens to pour a lot of demanding words on her.

As opined by the angry social media users, Jackline is very rude and arrogant for insisting she can’t or will never date a guy who commutes trotro.

The budding celebrity has been advised to humble herself because the same people she spoke harshly about are the same ones who made her popular by watching and sharing her videos.

Some fans of Jackline have also solidly stood by her by insisting that the people who are insulting her are the same ones who won’t allow their sisters to marry a poor man.

Check out some of the reactions of Ghanaians under the trending video;

Hannah Agyepong-Tabi – If u have that perception men will deceive u chop u and leave u and no wise man will ever marry you, there are men who are responsible, loving, caring and rich but don’t fancy cars will u regect them? Wise up sister

Acquah Kobee – But when you die they can carried your coffin , mumu like you, where do we send beauty, go to mortuary and see beauty there they you go cry.

Solomon Boadu – Remember ur root n stop this proudness,some of us own private cars but not all places we move with,are u better than trotro people,young lady humble urself.many rich people are now beggars because of proudness

Duodu Raphael – Poor people are the most stubborn people’s in the world just look the simplelige Ed sheeran lives if he is one of our own like plane be small even for taxi,gyimii

Vivian Lawrence – Just TikTok star your all high Then when you become TV star you go shut down Ghana ..my own is at last this doesn’t matter in heaven..

Venunye Kofi Ransford – This Little one’s that are born in the 2000’s who came from nothing to something as of hand to mouth and lacking good morals and manners will always utter prideful statements like this .. there are small girls of your age who operates with big brains but u are really operating with a very small brain I guess

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