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Corruption is the only sector that has thrived in Ghana under Akufo-Addo – CEO of City of Gold

Evangelist Richard Prah, a politician and the CEO of City of God Jewellery, has informed Kumasi residents that the only industry producing profits in the nation is corruption.

The businessman claims that times are indeed difficult because companies have had to change their business strategies just to survive in the hope that when the National Democratic Congress (NDC) wins power with a John Dramani Presidency, things will change. The businessman cites the numerous companies that have failed during the tenure of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) NPP under President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

He was talking on Kumasi’s Ultimate FM station.

‘If you ask me how my business is doing, by the grace of God we get something to pay our bills, so we can only thank God’’

‘‘I would have wished that any normal country or society when business is thriving it means you don’t only get money to pay your bills but also some to expand and do other projects, that is how we see that business is doing well but today as we speak in Ghana, I don’t know which business can boldly say it doing very well’’

“Under the NPP and Nana Addo, the only business or industry thriving, which is illegal, but has been formalized and legalized is the corruption industry” he said.

“The corruption business is thriving such that, from 2017 – 2021 alone this country has lost 50.6 billion to corruption, then it means the corruption industry is doing well’’

‘‘If on the ranking of corruption, the police are number 1, the presidency is number 2 and then it goes on and on, then we can say the corruption industry is doing well’’

‘‘Businesses are just hanging in there, they are just surviving not breaking even, not making profit, hoping the NDC under Mahama will come and save them’’

He said if business CEO’s and owners are to be truthful in this country, they will tell you the realities

‘‘some business people don’t want to talk due to victimization; they know it, they have had to vary things in their office and businesses because of bad governance’’

‘‘It’s not easy now in Ghana, I am telling you. Businesses are just folding up’’

‘‘This government lied to people, they collapsed the banking sector and have also collapsed the small-scale mining sector only to enrich themselves’’

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