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Stranded Ghanaian women in Dubai forced to share pads.

The government of Ghana is being urged by some trapped citizens to fulfill its promise to evacuate them from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Some of the women who are currently detained in the immigration facility in Dubai are also dissatisfied with the way the Ghanaian consulate in the UAE has treated them.

A spokesperson who wished to remain unnamed discussed their story on Kumasi-based Ultimate FM, and claimed that the government and the consulate had disregarded them.

‘‘We are suffering here in Dubai, we have been at the Dubai immigration center, with no support’’

‘‘We are here with other nationals from Nigeria, Senegal, Gambia, the consulate is always here checking on them and supporting them” she said.

‘‘They even sometimes come to sleep there making sure their citizens are ok’’

She said the consulate has left them to their faith, exposing them to harm.

‘‘Any time, the staff at the Ghana consulate come, they shout at us in despicable ways”

‘‘They tell us in the face, they didn’t bring us here, so any support coming from them is personal’’

‘‘They provided us the ladies here, hundreds of us a few sanitary pads, now we are sharing the pad, how can they be inhumane in this manner’’

‘‘Please, we need help, kindly tell our leaders, we are suffering, some of us are going crazy here, please tell the Foreign Affairs Minister and the President we are also Ghanaians and we need their assistance’’

Around 431 Ghanaians had been imprisoned in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration (MFARI) stated last month that attempts were being made to evacuate them (UAE).

They were enticed there by some recruiters who promised them work in Dubai and other places in the UAE. They consisted of 341 males, 88 females, and two children under the age of three.

Along with an unknown number of other African migrants who shared the same fate, they have been held inside Dubai’s Al Tawadi Medical Center and Immigration Center.

The government is working with UAE authorities to securely return the stranded nationals, according to a statement from the MFARI.

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