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Due to galamsey, GWCL threatens to shut down its machinery and claims that ten times as many chemicals are needed to refine water.

Due to the effects of unlawful small-scale mining, the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) has claimed that it currently utilizes ten times the chemicals necessary for repurifying water before distributing (Galamsey).

The GWCL’s public relations officer, Mr. Stanley Martey, stated that if the situation becomes intolerable, the company will shut down its equipment.

The illicit small-scale mining operations in Ghana that are harming the environment and the country’s water resources have been the focus of the government’s efforts.

To that end, the government has established a task force.

Speaking on the Sunrise show on 3FM Thursday September 15, Mr Martey said “We are using ten times more of the chemicals required to refine the water before we pump them for distribution. When it becomes to much to bear we will shut down our machines.”

He added “It’s a serious issue and we need to do something about it. If things continue this way we would have to import water to Ghana.”

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