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TV show host, Xandy Kamel rains curses on Ghanaians

Xandy Kamel, an actress and TV host, has hurled harsh insults at online trolls who make fun of her for reportedly squandering all of her savings to wed her ex-husband Kaninja.

Following the split between Xandy Kamel and Kaninja, rumors spread that she was the one who fully funded their wedding because the sports presenter wasn’t ready to wed her.

In an interview with Afia Tamakloe, Xandy Kamel acknowledged that she regretted paying for a portion of her wedding to Kaninja.

Evidently fed up with the constant ridicule, Xadny Kamel has turned to swearing to end the offensive remarks once and for all.

In a recent video that she just posted on her Instagram page, Xandy Kamel called upon the God of Thunder to deal harshly with everyone spreading false information about her broken marriage to Kaninja.

Xandy Kamel, who was in pain, said she now believed that people only attacked her to feel good about themselves and she wouldn’t put up with such crap ever again.

She labeled her opponents as big-time dummies who should research their financial situation before disparaging her online.

Xandy Kamel firmly states in the curses-themed film that she never spent all of her savings on her wedding, despite what a bunch of dishonest and evil people have spread online.

Since her adversaries had made the decision to continue being hostile, Xandy Kamel desired 10 times as many bad and evil things for her in the next days.

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