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Diana Asamoah’s contract with Frimprince Music terminated, with strict terms.

An official letter dated August 4, 2022, from Diana Asamoah’s executive producer, Anane Frimpong, announcing the end of his agreement with the gospel singer.

The artist and Mr. Anane, the CEO of Frimprince Music Production, signed the letter that GhanaWeb has access to. The taking over of some of her social media profiles was one of the terms of the contract termination that was specified.

All of Diana Asamoah’s online properties, including her Facebook page, have been taken.

Additionally, nine of her well-known songs that were created by her former music executive, Anane Frimpong, will no longer be her property.

Wo Na Mani Agyina Wo, Mabowodin, Akoko Abon, Madansidie, Pentecost Gya, Momomme, Wo Damu Fua, Tetelesta, and Pentecost Soree are among the songs.

For the record, Frimprince Music will no longer be involved in planning Diana’s yearly show, known as Abba Father.

The whole statement is provided below:

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