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Mcbrown heavily criticism for displaying her closet.

Yesterday, when Empress Nana Ama Mcbrown displayed her opulent wardrobe complete with a wide variety of pricey bags, shoes, and watches, it sent shockwaves across the internet.

The honorable actress uploaded a video of herself dancing in her closet to gospel music. Her collection of shoes—from sneakers to stiletto heels—is displayed in the film.


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A troll pit on the internet has been created for Nana Ama Mcbrown as a result of her innocent video.

Some social media users have mercilessly criticized the screen goddess in the video’s comments area, appearing to despise her luxurious lifestyle.

These resentful people claim that Nana Ama McBrown has transformed into a slay queen after getting liposuction since before the procedure, she was very cool and collected.

Since then, Mcbrown has been subjected to a barrage of slurs and disparaging remarks simply for displaying her wardrobe.

Check out a few of Mcbrown’s attackers’ remarks below:

Sarah Aba Amissah – Some are working hard and owns nothing because they pay rent and take care of their family, flaunting this does not mean anything, peace of mind, happiness and God’s love is all I need.

Yaa Kwankyewaa – The moment I saw her video, the only thing that came to mind was “she isn’t doing any yoga, just flaunting her shoes” and so, I stopped watching. I dont know why these so called celebrities like to show off like that. Enti you have lots of shoes enti y3ny3 no de3n? When people are struggling to find their daily meal look at what others are doing? Give us a break!!

Hafizaa Apple Pear Shamsiya – This what an Arab white celebrity will never do because it harm, to keep stuff that someone needs it to survive and you keeping it for God knows when.May God bless us with knowledge that will be a beneficial to others so our blessings will be abundantly.

Kofi Nartey – Queen Elizabeth just died and we are mourning wai and remember she is the Queen of England with over $386 billion Gold bars under her watch n not to add the trillion of pounds. Only the wise will understand.

Roy Kaye – Why do you people put pressure on the young people like that by flaunting your material possession on social media. Stop that.

Gloria Nkrumah – She will do all these and later come and say this world we won’t take it anywhere

Patricia Owusuaa – Vanity upon vanity, which one would you wear to your grave or to meet your creater in heaven?


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