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Ghanaians cry over inability to make calls as NCA sanctions bite hard

They contend that since they haven’t registered their SIM cards yet, it is unreasonable that they have them blocked.

Some of these complaints are the result of people being unable to obtain a Ghana Card for SIM registration, which is the cause of some of these issues.

They consider the telco’s move to prevent them from communicating via their unregistered SIM cards unjust as a result.


In the meantime, the Communications Minister announced on Facebook that all unregistered SIM cards would be temporarily blocked.

She said that would be the last lap because there will be no further extensions to the September deadline for SIM card registration with Ghana.

“I informed the media during my most recent meeting that the SIM registration exercise would not be extended past September 30.“

“After evaluation at the end of August, it has been determined that starting the disciplinary steps outlined in the NCA press release is prudent.“

“Additionally, any SIM that has not yet been completely registered will be unable to use voice and Internet services. Afterward, using unregistered SIMs will be more expensive.“

“At a subsequent press conference in September, the full scope of the sanctions will be revealed. If you suffer that fate as a result of your own inaction, kindly do not blame your service provider.“

“To be forewarned is to be forearmed.“

Below are some of the concerns by Ghanaians.

Solomon Prana:

There are people who still haven’t received their Ghana card even though they’ve registered for it. As a result of this, they can’t register their SIM – and that’s no fault of theirs. How do you deal with that issue?

Ras Mubarak:

Madam Minister, you are completely out of touch with reality. How many sim subscribers have Ghana cards? This illegal and disrespectful interruption with People’s telecommunication is unconstitutional. You have refused to be accountable. Refused to tell Ghanaians how the contract for the award of the mobile app was arrived at, its cost to the tax payer, and u have refused to go to parliament for approval for the illegal collection of 5 cedis for the use of the app. I don’t blame u. I blame the docility of some Ghanaians, who should either be in the streets protesting and fighting for their rights to have interrupted communication or supporting boycotts. Your actions can’t happen in any civilized society

Ides Yvonne wrote:

You people should be reasonable a bit , some of us have been chasing our Ghana card for about 4 years now and still not gotten it

Transportation alone to the NIA and other places we’ve been ask to go it’s not a joke , you can’t be running through and flow without a results, am sick and tired of this so called Ghana card

Ghana is for all of us so please put yourself into some of us our shoes and understand the situation, extend the time a bit for we the unfortunate, thanks

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