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According to the GSS, 8 million Ghanaians are illiterate.

According to data from a forthcoming report by the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS), there are approximately 8 million illiterate people in Ghana who are 6 years of age and older.

As a result, they are unable to grasp what they read and write.

The number shows a continuing disadvantage for women over time, with 4.6 million female illiterates and 3.3 million male illiterates.

The survey also reveals that the number of illiterate individuals (15 years and older) increased by 1.2 million during the 2010 and 2021 Population and Housing Censuses (PHC), from 4.3 million in 2010 to 5.5 million in 2021.

Three years after the measures on illiteracy included in the Education Strategic Plan (ESP) 2018-2030 went into effect, Ghana has lower levels of adult literacy relative to its comparators (lower middle income and sub-Saharan African countries).

The 2021 PHC Thematic Report Brief on Illiteracy in Ghana, which will be published later this month, was made necessary as a result.

The research, which focuses on three main areas: trends, patterns, and correlates of illiteracy, gives stakeholders guidance on how to tackle hotspots and drivers of illiteracy in Ghana.

Meanwhile, an earlier report, the 2021 PHC General Report on Literacy and Education which presents data on literacy in English and local languages, current school attendance, and educational attainment disaggregated by sex, region and type of locality, is available to download from

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