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Economic Hardship in Ghana is due to Corruption ,Malfeasance & Cedi depreciation- Fmr EPCG Moderator

A former Moderator of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana Very Rev. Rtd. Francis Amenu has expressed discontent with the current state of the country’s economy and called on the government to act fast.

Delivering a sermon at the 125-year anniversary celebration of the Amenuveve Congregation of the EP Church, Ghana at Pordoe-Dorfor in the North Tongu District of the Volta region, Rev. Amenu said the country’s economic woes have further been worsened by the increasing cases of malfeasance and corruption and the rapid depreciation of the Cedi.

These according to him, have left many Ghanaians wallowing in abject poverty.

“The message goes to all manner of people -for we are all experiencing the increase. For example political, religious and financial malfeasance in both low and high places which has resulted in increased cases of abject poverty and cancerous corruption et cetera and the consequent rapid depreciation of the cedi.”

“You might have started a project a week ago; you bought cement, maybe for GHC65, go there again today to ask for that bag of cement. Am I right in saying people are selling it for GHC78 and very soon it will be GHC80? That is just an example and we are crying and weeping very deep within us. What is happening? Has God forgotten us as a nation?”, the Very Rev. Rtd. Francis Amenu asked.

The retired Moderator was also livid about the state of roads in some parts of the country particularly, the Juapong to Pordoe-Dorfor road which is in an extremely deplorable state.

The Dorfor-Podoe, Amenuveve Congregation of the EP Church was established some 125 years ago and has contributed to the development of the area through the subsequent establishment of a basic school and other developmental projects at Pordoe.

The 125th Anniversary was on the theme: The promise of God, Our hope.

The anniversary celebration was honoured by former President John Dramani Mahama and other distinguished members of the political class and the Clergy.


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