The NDC must stop discriminating Ashantis

However, they do not want Ashantis to join the NDC as card-carrying members. Instead, they want Ashantis to vote for the NDC.

I ask, how?

Ashantis are turned away when they visit a branch to enrol as NDC members. The same thing occurs when Ashantis apply for jobs with the NDC. However, you will hear the same NDC members criticizing Ashantis for rejecting the NDC due to ethnic politics.

So, as Ashantis, what do they want us to do now?

When we’re up against it, some of us become upset about how the NDC abuses Ashantis, but we won’t discuss how other people mistreat us.

Recently, I even heard that the NDC’s national deputy organizer had to intervene on behalf of Ashantis at the branch level during their tour of the Ashanti region, but no one is challenging the leadership of the NDC in the Ashanti region.

It’s very depressing.

Why do they only discuss our flaws and not how great we Ashantis can be?

Today, I’m terribly depressed. I shall, of course, carry my pride as an Ashanti to my grave.

If they want Ashantis to be a part of the NDC party, I implore people like chairman Ofosu Ampofo, Larry Gbevolo-Lartey, Felix Kwakye Ofosu, Callistus Mahama, John Abdulai, Jinapor, and others to wake up and do something about how the NDC is treating Ashantis.

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