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See the ‘almost naked’ women that were seen at the Narcos All Black party.

Social media was buzzing over the weekend as bloggers posted videos of numerous ladies who were practically completely exposed while visiting the Narcos All Black party.

It is unclear what the event was about in the most recent video footage by GhKwaku and GhHyper, but recordings published by these bloggers have captured many of the ladies who attended the event arriving with their breasts or buttocks exposed, while others have both uncovered.

Their clothing may be categorized as lingerie or nightwear, designed just for the bedroom rather than an outdoor occasion.

Two women who attended the same event were caught on camera over the weekend in a report that made the social media rounds.

Many questioned their sanity, while others hoped Ghana had a president like Kagame who would imprison them.

Videos and pictures of “almost naked” women that were taken at this event are provided in this article.


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