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Ghanaians who quit using Momo betrayed the government – NPP MP

Alfred Obeng Boateng, the representative for Bibiani-Anwhiaso-Bekwai, has charged Ghanaians with betraying the Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo led government.

He claims that Ghanaians stopped using Mobile Money once the government passed the Electronic Transfer Levy (E-Levy).

In an interview with host Kwesi Parker-Wilson on Oyerepa TV, he said that this was a factor in the government’s failure to fulfill its pledge to build additional roads this year.

“In our country, we don’t have enough resources and so the e-levy was a good policy that was going to develop our economy, but Ghanaians are not participating. Since the introduction of the policy, Ghanaians have stopped doing Momo. There has been a sharp decline in mobile money transactions, and that’s betraying the government.

“People have also devised crook ways like using merchant numbers to escape the levy and it’s not helping situations. Because if we (citizens) patronized the use of Mobile Money transactions, the government would have generated the needed revenue for various developmental projects. So, it’s true, if government had gotten what was envisioned, things would have been different. At least if the e-levy was not going to solve our problems it could have done a lot for us,” he explained.

Alfred Obeng Boateng’s remarks follow statements by Kwesi Amoako-Atta, the Minister of Roads, that the government would have built more roads if Ghanaians had paid for the E-Levy policy.

The roads minister had hoped that some of the E-Levy funds would go into building roads, but it has come to light that Ghanaians do not agree with the plan, he continued.

He also attributed Ghanaians’ warped perception of the policies on the minority in parliament.

However, the Bibiani legislator acknowledged that the government did not adequately inform the populace of the policy’s advantages.

“Our opponent (the minority) were smart enough to pollute the atmosphere and pollute the minds of Ghanaians against the e-levy that’s why we are not generating much revenue. I still believe the citizens must be encouraged to buy into that vision of government and I know that with consistent education and sensitization of the public, government would realize the needed revenue for economic transformation,” he added.

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