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Ghanaians were stealing excessively, so Germany installed CCTV – Oboy Siki

Oboy Siki, a well-known Kumawood actor, has leveled accusations of excessive theft against Ghanaians residing in Germany.

The now-controversial actor claims that the German government was compelled to install CCTV because Ghanaians there were committing excessive theft.

He continued by saying that businesses with African personnel, particularly Ghanaians operating their stores, were the ones who were most negatively impacted by this.

“The story of Ghanaians who travelled to Germany in the olden days was that most shops didn’t have CCTV cameras, it was Ghanaians who made them install some in those shops. They looted things and hid them in their dresses left, right and center. It was a daily thing they go to do then they brought them back home. That was what Ghanaians in Germany were doing. They looted every shop”, Oboy Siki alleged.

When discussing the widely circulated video of a fire department member shoplifting in the Upper East neighborhood, he made this remark.

The seasoned actor demanded that, even though he had disrupted the service’s name, they should spare him because what had transpired wasn’t unusual or novel in this nation.

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