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Ghana is too dull, says Bobrisky

In a recent viral video, Nigerian socialite and brand influencer Bobrisky stated that while Ghanaians are an excellent group of people, the nation is too dull for her to enjoy and spend months here.

The crossdresser says Ghana is a really cool place, in contrast to Nigeria where everyone looks to be hostile and violent. She is currently in Ghana for a meet and greet campaign, a media tour, and influence gigs.

She also mentioned how she was greeted at the airport and the hotel she is presently staying in as evidence that Ghanaians are much more hospitable than her fellow Nigerians.

Bobrisky has received criticism from Ghanaians who don’t like his portrayal of their country as uninteresting in the video’s comments area.

Since he claims to find Ghana quite dull and quiet, several have recommended him to return home immediately.

beingmhizzbetty – it’s too peaceful ? If that’s what she meant to say ? Lol we don’t like chaos

dwamena.desmond – Who invited him here Eei her here

barnesmary305 – She will hear from Sam George

itsnanaama – Why would you want to go through unnecessary stress at the airport, at the hotel, at the restaurant, meeting people? Why would you like harassment and extra Bribes? Ahhhhh Why

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