Indiscipline that began from SHSs is to account for the riots on college campuses.

The breakdown of discipline in the senior high schools, according to Christian Yaw Adinkra, chairman of the Medina-Adenta-Abokobi district of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), is to blame for the recent fights between tertiary students in Ghana.

He voiced concern over how alumni become involved in such campus violence rather than encouraging students to pursue success and discipline.

Mr. Adinkra claims that the increased lack of discipline and violence among students is also a result of the excess rights that have been bestowed upon them without a strong emphasis on duties.

“Yes every child or individual has rights that must be protected but they should also accept that every institution has its rules and regulations that must be adhered to once the individual agrees to be there. You can’t be in there and misbehave in the name of hall spirit or tradition to enforce hall supremacy,” he emphasized.

The GNAT district chairman explained that some of the teachers at the secondary school level have resolved to do their best to shape the students regardless of the hindrances because they are the future leaders.

“If you come to the secondary schools it is getting worse. At that level, students don’t want to take instructions from authorities but those teachers who are concerned will do our best to tone down the useful exuberance in them.

“When we are not able to control them, or maintain a certain level of values and instill in them patriotism, they will move to the university and become worse. That is what we are witnessing” Mr. Adinkra stated.

“One difficulty I have and still think about is how alumni of various universities get themselves involved in acts of vandalism and commotion by students of their alma mater” Mr Adinkra said on 3FM Sunrise Community Connect on Friday.

The educationist also advised university officials and police handling the cases of student fights at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) and the University of Ghana to be mindful of group solidarity because choosing individuals within the group can exacerbate tension because people behave differently when they are in group.

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