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Felicia Osei reveals the phony lifestyles of celebrities.

Felicia Osei, a well-known Tiktoker and brand influencer, has exposed the phony lifestyle that the majority of our celebrities present online in order to gain support and approval from the general public.

Felicia Osei stated that majority of the items that famous people share online don’t actually belong to them in an interview with Kumasi-based Akoma FM.

The majority of Ghanaians, she said, expect celebrities to dress, carry themselves, and own luxury items, but most of her coworkers don’t fit that stereotype because they are poor behind the scenes.

Because of this, they are compelled to lie to their supporters online in order to avoid ridicule and harsh criticism.

Felicia Osei defended her coworkers who falsify their identities online by saying that it is not their fault because they are merely trying to live up to expectations as she concluded her contributions.

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