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Ghanaians are willing to pay more, according to a tweet by Gabby about rising utility prices.

Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko, a prominent NPP member, recently tweeted that the response of consumers to the increase in utility rates is a sign of how Ghanaians value the achievements of the current government.

He claims that the consumer response demonstrates that Ghanaians are willing to pay higher prices to prevent a power outage, which has previously been experienced under the previous National Democratic Congress administration.

“I’m encouraged by the reaction of the Ghanaian people to the 27% increase in electricity tariffs. It shows when you do well, they appreciate, like efforts by this govt to keep the lights on and tariffs low in spite of the major challenges and will pay a little more to avoid dumsor,” he shared in a Twitter post.

The post attracted lots of reactions with majority of them slamming him for being out of tune with how the ordinary Ghanaian feels.

Below are some of the reactions:

At tweet with the handle, @NgolibaAbdul, wrote: “This is a wicked tweet. People are enraged and you come to tweet this?”

Emmanuel mensah with the handle, @Ninart_9255, posted: “He wants attention,” whiles Gideon (@Dejoh36) said: “Which ghanaians? Are you referring to the beneficiaries of your bad governance?”

@TweetByBob, asked: “If your salary is 300c you wouldn’t post this message to blindfold your foot soldiers. Your party’s corrupt attitude has brought us to this far . Tswww.”

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