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Akuapem Poloo has revealed new name.

After renunciating her Christian beliefs, Ghanaian actress Rosemond Alade Brown, also known as Akuapem Poloo, adopted a new Muslim name.

After announcing last week that she had decided to convert to Islam, the brand influencer and socialite surprised her admirers and following.

Akuapem Poloo appeared in pictures from her conversion ceremony dressed in full Muslim garb and holding a prayer mat and an ablution container.

The caption she attached to the photos read: “Alhamdulillah full Muslim now, thanks to the Deputy National Chief Imam’s Quran Reciter and his board for assisting in this”.

The news of Poloo’s conversion was met with some skepticism, as some internet users speculated that she was only playing tricks on her followers to gain attention, as she has always done. To disprove doubters, she has revealed a new name in addition to her official identity.

In this latest development, Poloo can be seen in an Instagram video sporting a white hijab and indicating that her new name is Haniya, which in Islam is translated as “happiness, joy, and laughter.”

She captioned the post: “The name is HANIYA ROSEMOND ALADE BROWN(aka AKUAPEM POLOO) STILL @iamcardib SPIRIT TWINNY”

She has a right to exercise her right to worship as guaranteed by Ghanaian law, however the reason for the transition is still not entirely obvious.

In a separate post she said: “Finally I have all the Quran to read and steady so it guides me see the love is too much for me and I promise no turning back so glad one of my wishes has come to pass Alhamdulillah. HANIYA is my new name”.

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