Free SHS: Allow parents who can afford the costs of their wards’ education to do so – Presbyterian Church to Nana Addo.

The Free Senior High School (SHS) Programme should cover some of the expenditures, according to the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, for “some” parents who are prepared and willing to contribute to their children’s education.

Despite applauding President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for his determination to uphold the Programme despite an impending bailout from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Church claimed it is obvious there are enormous budget deficits, making it difficult for government to meet all Programme requirements.

“Your Excellency, the Presbyterian Church of Ghana is of the strong opinion that the state can shed off some of these costs for those who are capable of bearing them to do so because, there are several parents who are capable and willing to contribute to the education of their children.”

This was said in a statement made following the Church’s 22nd General Assembly.

The 22nd General Assembly, with the theme “Christ in you, the Hope of Glory,” took place from Wednesday, August 10, through Sunday, August 14.

Corruption, economic hardship, perceived injustice in the courts, and other perceived or actual inadequacies in the operation of the state were among the concerns highlighted by the Church.

It was gushing with appreciation for the government’s implementation of the Free SHS and other pro-poor policies.

“For the government to have sacrificed many developmental needs to ensure that every child, without regard to economic background, is able to access secondary education is indeed laudable.”

It assured of its commitment to the development of the country. The Presbyterian Church of Ghana is committed to contributing its quota to the development of the nation,” the General Assembly assured.

“We resolve to cooperate with the state in achieving the common aspirations of our people. We pledge our holistic support for any noble effort geared towards promoting peace, stability, and prosperity in the country.” the assembly added.

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