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Restore power, we’ve agreed to pay – Kroboland Citizens

Concerned Citizens of Kroboland, a group that describes itself as concerned about the ongoing blackout in the Eastern Region’s Lower Manya and Yilo Krobo regions, has voiced its concern.

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) employees have refused to work in the two districts due to safety concerns following violent resistance to a scheme to reinstall prepaid meters in homes.

The sticking point was a choice to send military personnel to accompany workers installing the meters.

Additionally, due to alleged danger to their life, this led the engineers of ECG to withdraw.

However, Concerned Citizens of Kroboland asserts that only Kpongunor, a region that makes up less than 6% of the overall population of Kroboland, has threatened the lives of the ECG engineers.

In a statement, its Commissioner, S.K. Tettey, denounced the false impression being spread by the media that all Kroboland consumers are opposed to the state’s power-distribution company’s plan.

“Lower Manya and Yilo Krobo districts have a combined population of about 243000 people,” it said.

“The major towns Somanya, Odumase, Agormanya, Kpong, Nuaso and Akuse.

“The installation of the prepaid meters have been welcomed by all the densely populated towns which form the economic hub for both districts. Residents of Kpong and Somanya, which are the most populated towns in Lower Manya and Yilo Krobo respectively, have cooperated with ECG engineers on the installation of prepaid meters and have since been buying and using prepaid credit.”

It indicated that Kpongunor is “a minor community whose population is less than 6 percent of the entire population of Kroboland”.

“It is, however, unfortunate that the rejection of the prepaid meters by this minor community in Lower Manya Krobo is the grounds on which ECG has pulled off the plugs thereby plunging the entire Krobo area into darkness for over 14 days.”

According to the statement, local businesses as well as livelihoods are being impacted.

Kpongunor, according to it, needs to be handled independently.

“We call on ECG to restore power supply to the communities that have accepted the prepaid meters whiles it takes steps to settle its scores with the recalcitrant community.”

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