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“Even if You cut our Thumb, We Vote for NPP with Tongue But Never again in 2024- Kwabre East Chief

Traditional authorities within the Kwabre East enclave are gnashing their teeth as they say their quests for developments have hit brim level, waning their patience.

The traditional authorities say their continuous silence on lack of development in the area has really cost them hence their recent protest to drum home the hunger and thirst for amenities such as tarred roads, markets and potable water.

Speaking exclusively on Akoma FM’s current affairs and political show GhanAkoma Wednesday, August 10, Chief of Mampongten Barima Saasi Ayeboafo II told host of the show Aduanaba Kofi Asante Ennin that “we have not seen a single tarred road in my area, not even a single government second cycle school at Mamponten. Yet we are the world bank of NPP in terms of votes so why are have they sidelined as six years into their administration?”

In the 2020 general elections in the Kwabre East Constituency, Nana Akufo-Addo, who led the NPP, garnered some 86,437 votes, representing 77.41 percent votes, the highest ever recorded for the President in Ashanti Region.

However, Kwabre East residents in Wonoo, Mamponteng, Heman and Ntonso among other prominent communities have been left underdeveloped.

The deplorable state of their road networks, stalled market project, and absence of hospital, among many other things in the area, have been the major headache of the traditional authorities.

Chief of Mamponten Barima Saasi Ayeboafo II, who sounded disappointed, lamented the state of neglect which always cuts off Kwabre East residents from the rest of the Region, especially during heavy downpour.

The chief further added that “we the people of Kwabre East have been faithful and loyal to the NPP, because from time immemorial even if you cut our thumb we will vote for NPP with our tongue but this time around when we go to the 2024 polls, we will asses development in our areas before we stick our neck out and vote”.

The deplorable state of their roads amidst other pressing social issues such as stalled market project, and absence of hospital in the area, earlier, forced residents to protest on Tuesday, August 9.

Led by the traditional authorities, both the young and the old, clad in red and black attires, marched on principal streets of Mamponten and adjoining communities to register their displeasure at government.

Their petition is development to balance their chunk number of votes that kept the NPP in power in 2020.


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