Ghana cannot afford free education; the current system is of low quality – Kofi Amoah

Dr. Kofi Amoah, an economist and the CEO of Progeny Ventures, has criticized the government’s free Senior High School (SHS) program, calling the current system “poor” schooling.

He claims that while education is crucial for a developing nation like Ghana, the country cannot afford to provide free education to all children.

Dr. Amoah asserted in an exclusive interview with Paa Kwesi Asare for TV3’s Business Focus on Monday, August 8, that Ghana should emulate other industrialized nations like Singapore and Malaysia, which got off to a similar start as Ghana.

He asserted that industrialization through the construction of factories and agricultural development—rather than free education—are what a poor country needs most in order to advance.

“Do the first things first, build strength, move to the next ladder. Every phase of your development must be strong and productive enough to provide the wealth and the resources needed to do the next phase. If we were to produce a lot of products, livestock, build strength for local consumption and the rest for exports, then we can move to the next phase of industrialization by building factories to process the raw materials”.

Dr. Amoah said that rather than enacting an unsustainable free education program, there are basic steps that may be taken to revive the economy.

“You can’t have a nation that is characterized by joblessness. Borrowing to do a flyover. A flyover does not produce any return, you must say it eases traffic, but we need to do the things that all countries have done to be successful and strong, get your people working and engaged, producing for domestic economy and exports when you do that your currency will be strong, your people will become taxpayers, government will have tax revenue to service infrastructural investments”.

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