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Henry Osei Akoto rallies NDC supporters , Ghanaians to get GhanaCard at all Cost to Vote NPP Out

A stalwart of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) who hopes to lead the party in the position of the national organiser; Mr. Henry Osei Akoto has urged Ghanaian citizens especially members of the umbrella fraternity to stop at nothing in their quest to own a Ghana card, as that appear one of the strong if not strongest weapon with which they can oust the NPP who he describes as “crooks and tyrants” in the next general elections.

The outspoken national organiser hopeful impeached the electoral commission for failing to maintain the virtue of impartiality it used to exhibit in the past.

In submissions on Accra based CTV and Happy FM which have been published by, Mr Osei Akoto asserted that the new patriotic party, in conspiracy with the electoral commission, is plotting to manipulate the 2024 general elections with the Ghana card.

It is on the back of this assertion that Mr. Osei Akoto is psyching up NDC supporters and well-meaning Ghanaians for such daunting but surmountable task ahead, entreating them to endure all tiresome and laborious processes at the National Identification Authority in their Ghana card owning pursuit.

In his considered view, registering for the Ghana card by every means possible, remains the single most potent equipment by which Ghanaian citizens can exercise their constitutional mandate of deciding the fate of politicians and political parties at elections.

Mr. Akoto believes that, if all the evil plotters in the world and experts at rigging elections support the elephant party in the 2024 elections, it would be practically impossible to manipulate the exercise when more and more electorates vote for the NDC.

“The only way we win as a party is to prepare for any plan – evil, good or bad. We must be ready for them in anyway they intend to destroy the sanctity of election 2024.

If that means getting Ghana cards ready at all cost, we must get it.

If you are tired of this government, get that Ghana card today and prepare for anything they throw at you.

2024 must be a communal labor to remove crooks and tyrants from power.

The more people vote for the NDC, the more it becomes difficult to steal election 2024”.

By a declaration which seems a perfect reincarnation of the import of the famous “boot for boot” comment by His Excellency, the former president John Dramani Mahama, Henry Osei Akoto reiterated the position that, the NDC can only win the next elections if it is adequately prepared to match up every evil plan of the NPP.

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