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What did you do for your deceased brother after COSMOS Energy gave you $100,000? — Charles Owusu to the Mills brothers

Charles Owusu, a former head of the Forestry Commission’s monitoring unit, has criticized the late president John Evans Atta Mills’ family for targeting Samuel Koku Anyidoho, a former presidential spokesperson under the Mills administration, in relation to the Atta Mills Institute.

Following his decision to refurbish the Asomdwee Park, where the late Mills was interred, Koku Anyidoho, who founded the Atta Mills Institute with the intention of commemorating the memory of the late President, has recently come under fire from the family of the deceased.

They charge him of desecrating the body and even suggest Koku Anyidoho may have taken the late President’s mortal remains.

“I will like Ghanaians to know that the so-called Atta Mills Institute is unsanctioned, it is unappreciated and it is most unwelcomed,” Dr. Cadman Mills said at the J.E.A. Mills Commemorative lecture in Accra on Tuesday, July 26, 2022.

“In my capacity as the Abusuapanyin of the Nkuban Kyereba Twidan Abusua, the family has decided that we will contact our solicitors to make sure that they explore all avenues to stop the Atta Mills Institute from [operating].”

“I saw his grave. There his name appeared a little bit except that it was spelt ‘John Evans Atta-Mills’. For somebody who claimed to know him very well, even though the person who has the name himself has never put a hyphen in that name. They used this so-called refurbishment to promote themselves, to promote their institute and to promote their paymasters…That’s not what Fiifi [Atta Mills] stood for,” a publication quoted.

Koku Anyidoho is believed to have changed the name of the Atta Mills Institute to Koku Anyidoho Institute as a result of the legal threats (KAI).

He tweeted that the Koku Anyidoho Institute will “keep the legacy of President Atta-Mills alive. To God Almighty be the glory”.

Other tweets by him read; “There will be a Koku Anyidoho Institute (KAI), to work for President Atta-Mills.”

“Koku Anyidoho Institute (KAI), lives to glorify God & to respect the memory of President Atta-Mills.”

Charles Owusu addressed the matter on Peace FM’s “Kokrokoo” program, asking, “Where were they (the family) when the man passed away 10 years ago?”

In order to honor Prof. Mills’ legacy, he said that COSMOS Energy handed Dr. Cadman Mills a staggering $100,000 for the JEA Mills Memorial Heritage. However, he emphasized that the money cannot be accounted for.

According to his findings, Dr. Cadman Mills did not use the funds for what was intended, therefore he set out to learn what he had done with them.

“I have heard COSMOS Energy gave him 100,000 dollars for the Atta Mills Foundation (Heritage Foundation), have you heard they have spent GH¢1 somewhere…?” Charles Owusu rhetorically asked.

According to his findings, Dr. Cadman Mills did not use the funds for what was intended, therefore he set out to learn what he had done with them.

“Were the family not sitting down when the Asomdwee Park was infested by mice and grasscutters?”

Koku Anyidoho requested that the family leave him alone, saying that Charles Owusu is a devoted soldier who sincerely cares for the late President Mills.

“Loyalty is expensive . . . and so all these things should stop. Let’s move forward as a country. Thank God, the place has been well-decorated. Tomorrow, when a President dies and he is sent there, it is befitting; at least it’s an honor to the nation when someone goes to the place to watch them . . . Let us stop these things and give praise where it deserves,” he said.




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