“Why NPP Govt always take Teachers for granted – Minority asks Govt

The Minority in Parliament says the government’s silence on the teachers’ demand is worrisome.

Teacher Unions in the country on Monday July 4, 2022 declared an indefinite strike.

It comes after NAGRAT indicated their decision to commence strike if the government does not act on their demand for Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) by end of June 2022.

The General Secretary of GNAT, Thomas Musah in a press conference to declare the strike action disclosed that inflation among other conditions in the country are affecting their meager salary hence the decision to embark on the strike action

According to the teachers, there have been a number of calls and letters written to the government but no response.

Speaking on Starr Today, the Ranking Member on Education Committee of Parliament Peter Nortsu Kotoe said government is taking the teachers for granted.

“The government must come out with a statement because if some people are asking for something and as a government you are not responding it is very serious

“So I am not surprised that they have gone on a strike. I am expecting the government to come out and say something about whether they will do it or not. If we will not do it these are the reasons we will not do it. There is nothing coming from the government so I am not surprised that the teacher unions have embarked on a strike. When you are silent on the matter then you are taking the people for granted,” the MP warned.

He continued: “So I feel that the government still has an opportunity to appeal to the teachers, tell them something and then we see the way forward.

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