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Breaking the 8 slogan ; Very uncomfortable Noise by the NPP- Musah Superior

According to the aspiring National General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Iddrisu Musah (Musah Superior), the slogan breaking the 8 adopted by the party as an agenda ahead of the 2024 election has become an uncomfortable noise in the airs of Ghanaians and the party and he would prefer the party to discontinue the noise and get back to work.

He told that, what the party needs now is to motivate the grounds, energize the base and get serious.

“We need to stop the noise, there is so much noise in the system. We are breaking the 8, we are breaking the 8, it is a very uncomfortable noise and I want us to discontinue the noise and then get back to work. We’ve got to back, to pay the party, motivate the ground, energize the base and then get serious”.

 Mr. Superior further said: “I feel sad and sick and I want to cry, because this party was built on certain clear values liberty, diversity, democracy, transparency honesty, and truth. And we have to be honest with our party. Are we keeping those values? If you allowed somebody to buy your votes. If someone gives you Ghc 5,000,00 and you vote for the person and really don’t think that this person is going to do a good job, what are you to the party? You are becoming a danger to the party. So, people should just disregard this, is not going to help you. Is it a deliberate attempt by those buying the vote to try and cease this party and make you useless and weak, so that, next time they can come back and buy your vote? In the last five years, the current executive officers of the party have abandoned this party and have abandoned our constituency executives. They don’t come here, they don’t come to the constituencies, all over the country, they don’t talk to our party people, and they don’t even identify themselves with them”.

“Today, we are having an election, and their assistant and their agents are regularly calling these people they rejected and abandoned several years ago. So, what are you telling us? They think that we are unintelligent, they think we are stupid and they think they can come again and tell us stories”. He stressed

However, the party is going to the polls on July 15-17, 2022, to elect their national party executives.

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