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The Civi Society Organisations Must be Ashamed on Their Silence on LGBTQ Menace in the Country

Open Letter

Open Letter: To Whom It May Concern.


By:- Bismark Kwabla Kpobi.

SNR Registered Mental Nurse.

Mental Health Advocate.

Concerned Citizen.

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Is it not astonishing that “the self acclaimed senior CSOs and so called Senior Journalists” are mute on the demonic activities of the LGBTQ++ community in the country?

Wait, did I not hear them say “they are the voices of conscience and integrity” of the country? Are they not the ones who carry themselves as ” Think Tanks (thanks)” in the country and have a say in absolutely every occurrences with their archaic baggages of documents and researches?

One thing is clear ” you don’t talk about those who feed you”. The LGBTQ++ community has compromised them with brown envelopes in disguise of sponsorships and financial supports to their various firms hence finally muted them. If they say otherwise, i want to see and hear them condemn the LGBTQ++ community and their imposition on the country by fully advocating for the Anti LGBTQ++ Bill and holding the integrity, morals, values and sovereignty of Ghana above their parochial interest and so called financiers.

Our CSOs and so called Senior Journalists must not be selective in commenting on pressing national issues bedeviling the core systems of our beloved country and continent, they must speak now.

To those who think choosing silence on the matter is better, be told that you have chosen the side of the LGBTQ++ community by your actions and inactions.

Ghana must not be sold for greed and selfishness, to acquire ill gotten wealth and vanity of academic credentials. Our leaders must as a matter of urgency put the country first ,and be bold to think for ourselves than the over dependency on everything aids and loans which come with demonic and burdening conditions.

Together we rescue Ghana and Africa from modern day colonialism in disguise of “Human Right” .

Long live Ghana


Bismark Kwabla Kpobi

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication do not in anyway reflect the opinions of State News Ghana

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