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High Price of “Kenkey” is due to Russia-Ukraine conflict , Ghanaians should Stop blaming Akuffo-Addo- NPP’s Owusu Bempah

Mr Owusu Bempah, who was once an activist of ‘Fixthe Country’ has tabled that the elevated costs of food especially “Kenkey” is due to the present conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

According to Bempah, the war has led to a scarcity in the provide of fertilizer for the planting of maize in Ghana inflicting an increase in the cost of maize. This, he said, has consequently affected the value of kenkey.

“You are a journalist and so when you ask these questions, you’ve got to ask the circumstances inside which the world is located… We want fertilizer to develop corn and we don’t manufacture the fertilizer in Ghana, we import it. So when you get up someday and every part has come to a halt with borders closed, the first cardinal precept to know is that world circumstances have modified.”

“Majority of our economic system depends on the importation of items and providers, proper or flawed? Therefore, you’ve got to know that issues will change. Secondly, we all know that globally crude oil which we import is from Russia and Ukraine. Because of the war occurring in Ukraine, if anybody says we are able to’t argue that the break in provide and the ensuing increase in oil costs has no impact, I don’t agree,” he explained.

“We import about 60% of our crude oil from Ukraine and Russia so if the prices have increased, obviously, that should tell you something. How much oil do we produce in Ghana? We have to import, and when we do that, there are heavy taxes imposed on it which will go on to affect everything. So if kenkey used to be GHC1 and it is now GHC5, why should you be worried?” he queried.

“Did Akufo-Addo bring the war? Did Akufo-Addo bring the Corona? Don’t you know that Ukraine is the food basket of the world? Go and do your research. Even when the Iraq and Iran war started in the early 90s, the minute even the global economists hear there is a war, you know it automatically affects everything in the world. You don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you this,” he blurted out.

He reiterated, that it has grow to be incumbent for individuals to recognize the state of the world economic system and its impact on the Ghanaian economic system as an alternative of blaming the political actors for the rise in the cost of everything.

By Lawrence Odoom|

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication do not in anyway reflect the opinions of State News Ghana

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