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According to Hon.Archibald Adjei, who doubles as a security analyst and a politician..

Roads and Highway officials will allow sections of a $1-Million highway expansion plan in Anyaa Sowutuom to proceed while continuing to assess possible civil rights and environmental violations associated with the project’s more controversial elements.

Known as the Anyaa Sowutuom Improvement Project, the three critical roads that are being considered are Agape Main Road connecting to Gbawe, Aunty Main Road which leads to at the Municipal Assembly office, Palace Town enclave within Anyaa and parts of Awoshie. This project will allow for the New Patriotic Party to make a case for continuity within Greater Accra since over 60,000 votes are at stake for the whoever becomes presidential candidate. The project will incorporate certain roads like the A-lang and Onyinase Road. Many residents are worried about the safety and capacity improvement of other linkage roads and the reduction of flood risk within the municipal.
Although studies have found the existing Member of Parliament inherited the challenges, the Former Member of Parliament Madam Foreign Affairs and Regional integration has stated categorically that she has laid a great foundation within the Ministry for Roads and Highway to make Dr. Adomako Kissi’s work much easier. Per her speech soon after 2020 elections at the Pentecost University, the constituency contains some of the nation’s mostly deadly stretches, but critics contend the constituency has had a disproportionate effect on low-income neighborhoods whiles little has been done to deliver on the promises made by the then former MP and the newly elected parliamentarian.
Agencies like Nadmo are fully aware of the plight of the people who vote massively for Greater Accra NPP. Whiles, floods are damaging businesses and displacing single-family and multi-family residences it remains worrying. We are of the opinion that the sitting MP together with the former MP ought to join hand in hand to push for the project to materialize before elections 2024.Just weeks after the agency’s February 2020 record of decision on the project, the Highway Administration ordered the project to be paused while it investigates possible violations for government funded programs.
Resumption of work at this point will be the best for the NPP. We expect Foreign Affairs Minister can bring her years of experience and closeness to the Minister of Roads and Highway to bear on the road infrastructure issues at her former Constituency especially since she is still in Government. Rumors around the corridors of power claim she can ensure that the order to pause the construction be changed and that will get the work done. The former Member of Parliament who is currently the Minister responsible for Foreign Affairs and regional integration and the sitting MP both owe it to the constituency to resolve some the long standing issue or the Presidential votes will be adversely affected. These are just a few words that are dear to me as a user of the roads within Anyaa Sowutoum. Thanks!!! Long live Nana Addo’s vision. free download photoshop cs5 full version serial number

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