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JUNE 4: Chairman Agyare settles Bill of stranded Patients at Mother & Child Hospital in Kasoa

The chairman for the Awutu Senya East Constituency, Mr Stephen Ofosu Agyare as part of the 43rd June 4th anniversary organised a clean-up exercise in the Constituency and made a donation of essential items to the Mother & Child hospital built by the former President, John Dramani Mahama.

In the Constituency, very few medical services are gratuitously and if you can’t pay the hospital bill the patient in question may not be allowed to leave the premises.

In this deeply religious community, many stranded Patients hope for divine intervention until Chairman Agyare made his way to the hospital of which he was greeted warmly by the team of social workers and asked for the bills.

He made payments of undisclosed amount on behalf of the patients who could not be discharged because they hitherto owed the hospital.

“This gives credence to the current ripping economic situation in the country where prices of everything has increased astronomically, including transport fares.Hikes of goods and services have risen so badly that families are struggling to survive and cannot even afford to pay hospital bills as low as GHS45.00, especially in the case of patients, in the Mother & Child hospital in Kasoa.

Majority of NDC fanatics present at the hospital during the kind gesture donated their blood to be added to the blood bank of the hospital, so that patients in need of blood in dire time can easily have access to it to recover from their blood related disorders and save the lives of many.

Speaking to the media at the occasion, He stressed that the NPP’s promise of one district one factory is a huge scam because there is no single factory in Kasoa thus always using Ekumfi as an excuse since they assumed power.

“The promise of one Constituency one million dollars also hasn’t materialized, said by the” he added

He appealed to Ghanaians to vote massively for the NDC and John Mahama in the forthcoming general elections in 2024 to rescue this country from the hands of corrupt NPP’s who only care about themselves, family and friends, and not the wellbeing of the masses.

He further stated, that the current hardship in the country is unprecedented, saying such hardships were things that gave birth June 4th revolution whose values are premised on accountability, probity and transparency.

He again pinched into how the covid funds donated to Ghana where shared among top NPP high government officials and how bad governance has been, in the country, so far.

He strongly believes that H.E John Mahama government will fix all the deadly blunders this inept government is committing & urged the people of this country to keep hope alive since there is an opportunity for them to vote out this substandard government in 2024.

By Lawrence Odoom|

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication do not in anyway reflect the opinions of State News Ghana

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