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Negative Europeans Influence On African Countries Must Be Halted Now: Our Leaders Must Stand Up

By:- Bismark Kwabla Kpobi ( Concerned Citizen)

It is often said that “the one who feeds you controls your liberty” , and that is exactly the reasons these Europeans and Americans impose anything nonsense on Africans and that matter my country Ghana. If this is not curbed ,we shall be told to eat our faeces because it is from them so good for us.

The banter between the IGP of Ghana and the British Commission is just a case study of how Africans have been exploited in the name of ” loan and sponsorships”. I am of the view that the IGP had gone a little tougher in words with this High commissioner and that he could have done that diplomatically, but enough must be enough .

Are you aware the Spanish government and other European countries refused to sponsor the printing of text books and others for our schools because their ” devilish and animalistic LGBTQ+++ nonsense was rejected massively by the Ghanaian community?

Are you aware they have threatened many anti LGBTQ+++ advocates with Visa, have threatened to stop funding Mental Health Authority because our Chief Psychiatrist, Prof Dr Osei came up with a very great scientific based research to debunk their stands that LGBTQ+++ is normal hence must be allowed to fester ?

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Are you aware this British government wrote to this government that they are going ahead to hold LGBTQ+++ mega wedding in Ghana and any denial will lead to withdrawal of sponsorships?

The aforementioned are just the tips of the iceberg, and the main reasons I will agree with the IGP that enough of this Europeans nonsense on Ghana and Africa.

Our birth right is taken away because of successive governments fear and submission to these colonial powers, especially this current government has sold the dignity of GHANA hence the threat of foreign aids denial if we don’t bow to their negative and appalling influences.

High time we stood up as a nation to unambiguously tell these Europeans and their LGBTQ+++ impositions to go away.

With good leaders with generational welfare thinking, Ghana and Africa will loan to these Europeans who have ” identity crisis” hence accept anything abnormal in the name of human rights.

Long live GHANA…..


Bismark Kwabla Kpobi

Senior Registered Mental Nurse.

Mental Health Advocate .

0209001524 WhatsApp.

0540824809 calls.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication do not in anyway reflect the opinions of State News Ghana

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