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NDC should live up to the Tenets of June 4 Uprising- Aspiring Deputy Volta Regional Organizer

The aspiring Deputy Volta Regional organiser of the alternative National Democratic Congress(NDC)Mr Elliot Wogbe is calling on the the leadership of the party to work assiduously for a society and the country at large devoid of the ugly activities that June 4 vigorously stood against; abject, disunity , culture of silence, oppression and sinking corruption.

In retrospect, it is said that the uprising was led by junior officers of the military mainly infuriated by the grand scheme spectacle of corruption by then leaders and the abject poverty coupled with untold hardship of the ordinary in the country.

In an exclusive interview with National Times News paper, Mr Wogbe lavished praises on those who sacrificed their precious lives to check the downslide that Ghana had been plunged into before the uprising without all doubts their gallantry had left indelible mark, on the politics of Ghana.

He stressed that, the occasion of June 4 1979 woke Ghanaians from their deep slumber to the realisation that the country is not the property of the few who then had monopolized power and the country’s economic resources as the same political parochial interest has greeted this NPP party under the watch of Akuffo-Addo.

He emphasised that, the outcome of the June 4 uprising empowered the citizenry at that harsh political epoch for the people to appreciate that they had a stake in the destiny of Mother Ghana,: adding that it was this rationale behind the ideal of June 4 that spirited the tenets on which the NDC was formed and for which reason the party is constitutionally bound to celebrate the event every year.

As the party set to mark the event with broad based activities, he wishes Ghanaians especially the NDC party to soberly reflect on the principles that June 4 espoused which are as vital and equally paramount today as the party stood on the principles of probity, accountability, integrity and popular participation in the affairs of the country.

“June 4th was an event to end corruption,enhanced transparency, good governance, accountability, fairness and equity among the citizenry’

These values are very critical to every organization hence , the NDC must adhere to these principles for victory 2024”

“It is also a day to reflect on the political journey so far and do a self introspection wether these principles remain relevant especially considering the poor governance currently being experienced under Nana Addo’s reign” he added

It was disclosed by many that, Mr Elliot Wogbe is a competent and reliable politician with exemplary political experience since 2008.He needs no introduction when it comes his influence, impact, reliability and heartily respond to the wheels of the youth in the great NDC when the need arises.

Party fanatics has said, he’s deep and full of great ideas that always inure to the benefit of everyone in the political landscape thus he is fully poised to bring his seasoned experience to add more organisational skills of the party to strengthen the structures to work effortlessly to attract and bring back the lost hope and passion of hard working grassroots of the NDC fraternity.

By Lawrence Odoom|

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication do not in anyway reflect the opinions of State News Ghana

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