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NDC Sets to Hold June 4 celebration in the Oti Region- Mobarak Diplomatic

The Oti Regional Communications Officer of the National Democratic Congress(NDC), Mr Mobarak Diplomatic has indicated that this year’s June 4 celebration as well as the 30th anniversary of the great NDC fraternity will take place  in Oti Region precisely in Nkwanta South.

He said, the NDC fraternity is of the conviction that, June 4th led by Flt Jerry John Rawlings was about values and principles that propel the military to stood against the harsh economic treatment in the country by then ruling class and as such the party will use the event to vigorously kick against the wicked rule by Akuffo-Addo to end the high grand scheme corruption to pave way for enhanced transparency,good governance, accountability, fairness and equity among the masses to build greater and stronger nation.

He bemoaned the state capture and the unprecedented corruption scandals by Akuffo Addo’s government as a testament of  how the president has supervised and superintendent over  institutionalisation of bad governance under this inept NPP administration.

“Therefore, there is the need for the celebration of June 4th  for Ghanaians to do a sober reflection on the issues that brought about the revolution which isn’t different from the ripping economic hardship, culture of silence, corruption, injustice Ghanaians are witnessing under this regime.” He retorted

Meanwhile, leadership of the party in the region led by Regional Chairman Hon.Gyapong Kudjo has held series of meetings with the Host Constituency towards the success of the event.

He further said ,the Host MP in the person of  Hon.Geoffrey Kini  joined the Regional Planning Committee to secure a place for the forthcoming gargantuan celebration.

The Planning Committee of the June 4the event met on Saturday with the local organising committee to further discuss about the up coming event.

In attendance were Hon.Geoffrey Kini, MP for Nkwanta South,RCO Mobarak Diplomatic,Regional Youth Organizer, and the Constituency Executives.

The Local Planning Committee has extensively engaged the National  Planning Committee in order to ensure a smooth and a successful event.

The Hard-working Member of Parliament for the Nkwanta South, Hon.Geoffrey Kini has since advanced preparations to welcome all comrades across the breath and width of the Country to catch a glimpse of this important celebration.

The detailed program outline shall be made public this week, however, a *keepFit exercise* would take place on Saturday in the morning.

His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, the incoming president in 2024 is expected to be in the region for a multi purpose task of ensuring a befitting funeral and burial for a long serving Nkwanta South Constituency Chairman and to mark the June 4th event.

It’s also highly anticipated that, H.E John Dramani Mahama would lead a *tree planting Exercise* to mark the June 4th.

The program is said to be week long program because after June 4th event, the 30th anniversary will also take its shade on 10th June and would be commemorated accordingly.

NDC wishes all comrades a successful journey to Oti region as the party prepare adequately towards another significant and equally vital event this year.


It recounted that the June 4 Revolution was a popular uprising in Ghana in 1979 due to a combination of corruption, bad governance, lack of discipline, and frustrations in the army and among the public.

The June 4 uprising was sparked when the Supreme Military Council II (SMC II), led by General F.K. Akuffo, put the Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings on Public Trial for attempting to overthrow the then government on May 15, 1979.

It said a military trial was set up and the late Jerry John Rawlings turned the trial against the government by accusing it of massive corruption and requesting that his fellow accused be set free as he was solely responsible for the mutiny.

“Leave my men alone – l am responsible” were the immortal words of Rawlings that would continue to be the standard of true leadership in the country,”

“Those words reminded us of the master’s teaching that to save one’s life we must be prepared to lose, inspired by Rawlings for showing bravery even at the point of death, young officers and other officers forcibly released him and his men on the morning of June 4,1979”.

In the night of June 3, 1979, junior military officers broke into the jail, where Rawlings was being held, and freed him, and ostensibly matched him to the national radio station to make an announcement.

Ghana has currently be faced with similar threads like corruption, greed, nepotism, high taxes, hardship, bad governance, and lack of discipline as happened in 1979.

It said corruption, which had a repercussion of denying the ordinary Ghanaian employment, better education, good drinking water, good roads electricity and social justice were still rife.

The celebration of June 4 should be a time for sober reflection on the issues that brought about the revolution and the principle of accountability and probity in the public space,

By Lawrence Odoom

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication do not in anyway reflect the opinions of State News Ghana

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