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Experience leadership is what Agona West Npp Need-Team Alhaji Tanko

Experience leadership is what Agona West Npp Need-Team Alhaji Tanko

An aspirant for the chairmanship of the Agona West Constituency of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Gibrine Tanko Toye popularly known as Alhaji Tanko has urged the youth to take their rightful place in politics and to infuse some dynamism into the activities of the party.

He said after serving as the Vice. chairman of the party in the constituency and biding his time, it was now time for him to move to the high echelon of the party to help inject some vibrancy and reignite the love for the party in the constituency.

Speaking to the media after having meeting with some stake holders together with his Team Members  April 25th April said he was in the race to win and He know that the team he has choosing are fully competent to the task from him as the Chairman to the last portfolio, all of them has what it takes to help change the dynamics of Agona West NPP Politics and make it attractive.

He said his time as the Vice Chairman of the party in the constituency had afforded him enough time to learn the nuances of party politics in the constituency and, therefore, believed that Experience leadership is what Agona West Npp Need Now ,he is ready to take up the leadership mantle of the party in the constituency.

“The experiences I have garnered both from the party at the constituency, as well as national levels have adequately and appropriately prepared me for the position I am seeking to occupy,” he said.


Mr Tanko said the welfare of the constituents was top on his agenda and for a start, his plan was to set up a welfare system to cater for the needs of the people who made Agona west a permanent stronghold of the NPP in the Central region.

In addition to that, he said there would be periodic skills training programmes to empower the residents, particularly the youth, to be self-reliant and not to become stooges for self-seeking politicians.

He, thus, appealed to the rank-and-file members of the constituency, especially polling station executives who would vote in this week’s elections, to endorse his candidature as chairman and endorse his team members too because each of the members are more than Capable to enable him to roll out the vision he had for the Constituency.

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