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Proposing  E-levy demonstrates the Government’s profound lack of empathy for Ghanaians – Daniel Dagba fumes.

Proposing  E-levy demonstrates the Government's profound lack of empathy for Ghanaians - Daniel Dagba fumes.

The opposition National Democratic Congress’s constituency secretary in the Akatsi South Consistency in the Volta Region, Hon. Daniel Dagba has condemned President Nana Addo’s government for the country’s hardship.


Speaking to the media, the NDC big wig in the Akatsi South constituency claimed that the projected E-levy implementation is unfair and indicates the government’s “severe lack of empathy” for Ghanaians.

Since the inception of President Nana Addo’s government, life in Ghana became extremely difficult, he stated.


On Sunday, Hon. Dagba said the government was “demonstrating a blatant disregard – not just for the pain felt by all the good people of Ghana who were hurt by Nana Addo Danqua led NPP reckless governance, but also for the pain and difficulty being experienced by the majority of Ghanaians just trying to survive in these difficult times.”

He claims that the Minority’s E-Levy squabble in Parliament was a fight for Ghana’s democracy, and that, despite the Supreme Court verdict, it is astigmatic for a Speaker of Parliament to preside over proceedings and vacate his or her seat so that he or she can vote.

The AKatsi South constituency scribe of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has praised and urged the Minority Caucus in Parliament to be steadfast in their opposition to the proposed Electronic Transaction Levy (e-levy).

Mr. Dagba believes that if the e-levy is approved, it will exacerbate the misery of ordinary Ghanaians and inflate untold hardship among the Ghanaian youths.

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