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Imposing E-levy on already suffering Ghanaians is senseless-Bolnaba Nurudeen Mamudu

*Imposing E-levy on already suffering Ghanaians is senseless-Bolnaba Nurudeen Mamudu*

Vociferous youth activist Mr Bolnaba Nurudeen Mamudu has waded into the controversies surrounding the conduct of the NPP members in the parliament of Ghana and their position on the introduction of E-levy.

He indicated that, Ghana is indeed bleeding in the hands of the NPP as the economy of this country is in total shambles making it fertile for everyone to feel the heat.

He further said, the current government should rather listen to Ghanaians and take clue to reevaluate it’s prospects as the economic woes continue to deepen because e-levy can’t save this sinking economy.

He also veered into saying that Ghana is currently going through bad economic Conditions so the government must be propelled to acknowledge the economic headache of the country and endeavor to deal with the canker.

Mr Mamudu also lavished praises on the NDC majority caucus on their position concerning the e-levy.

He made this clear in the statement below..


I have totally disagreed with my good friends from the NPP by calling their parliaments representatives *Majority caucus * since inception of this 8th parliament even though the Astute Speaker of Parliament *Rt Hon Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin* made a pronouncement that the 137 NPP MPs plus the independent MP for the people of Formena who was sacked by the same NPP in the 7th parliament, constitute the Majority Group NOT Majority Caucus.

These group of individuals in the 7th parliament passed regressive bills and served as a mackintosh to cover up government and prevented the legislative arm to do proper scrutiny / hold the executive arm of government accountable.

Upon all the unprecedented level of corruption and it’s related acts in this Akuffo addo/Bawumia led administration in their first term, the sons and mother serpent of corruption says the economy is good when
-Fuel prices has broken the 8
-The padlock that bawumia locked and gave the keys to the then IGP is broken mob)dodo.
-Prices of goods in the our markets has escalated almost 200% from 2016.
-Poor roads all over the country
– *Miseducation*
– *Increased Unemployment rate*
-*Media and journalist under threats *
-*High rate of corruption*

Not withstanding this hardships, this insensitivity government still wants to impose this wicked, killer tax called *Electronic levy*.

Kudos to the NDC caucus in parliament for the making us proud.
May God bless us all.πŸ™

*Majority wey can’t pass the E-levy too be Majority?*


Bolnaba Nurudeen Mamudu
Youth Activitist,πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ͺ
0245221994 / 0201374638

By Lawrence Odoom

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication do not in anyway reflect the opinions of State News Ghana

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