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Critics views on the economic woes of Ghana cannot give birth to coup but unjustifiably arresting them can lead to coup d’etat – Wisdom Uwumborkan

Vociferous social media activist, Mr Wisdom Uwumborkan has expressed his concern over the trend where Critics on the economic headache of the country are arrested and questioned for utterances they make in relation to governance and politics.

The youth activist said that everybody in the country has the right under the laws of Ghana to make decent remarks hence, persons should not be harassed and intimidated for their opinions expressed because the independent views on the economic challenges and its tendency can never trigger a coup but the penchant of the incumbent heartlessly targeting and arresting some figures can give birth to coup in the country.

In an interview with this portal, Mr. Uwumborkan said”Not those who give their independent opinions on the economy word and its tendency can trigger a coup but the penchant of government heartlessly making those independent Critics a target and arresting them can”

He added” Nobody wants a coup but the truth must be told on dangers ahead of the bad economic situation in general”

“The opinions expressed should rather give the Band Addo- Bawumia NPP led government the clue to reevaluate its prospects as the economic woes continue to deepen”.Where is common sense?

He further stressed out that the opportunist Paul Adom okyere who has tainted his hands on the Corruption stinky board as chairman of Airport company limited (GACL) and Kwaku Baako should keep mute because they are doing the bidding for the NPP government.

How can we live in a country where people cannot even express themselves on civil society platforms” he quizzed

His comment comes after the Dean of the University of Ghana Law School Professor Raymond Atuguba has said during a public lecture that conditions in Ghana are rife for coup d’etat.

He argued that many people in the elephant’s party notably President Akuffo -Addo have made worse comments during the reign of Former president Mahama but were not touched, harassed, and intimidated as we are witnessing under this current government.

By Lawrence Odoom

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication do not in anyway reflect the opinions of State News Ghana

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