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Elvis Afriyie ankrah embodies NDCs best shot as the next general secretary

Former Minister for Youth and Sports, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah has declared his stance to lead the party as the next General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress.

Hon. Ankrah served in the capacity of being the Director of Elections for the party from 2019 to date.

A reliable source disclosed to this portal that Elvis Afriyie Ankrah’s decision to contest the position as the general secretary comes after John Asiedu Nketsia divulged that he would not take the mantle to contest as the General Secretary of the party again.

His candidature has received admiration and praises on Social media.

Though Aseidu Nketia is yet to clear this development , it is alleged that he is likely to contest as the National Chairman of the party or possibly to stay away from the executive position in the party.


The exigencies of our politics requires that electoral competitions are not a staged one-off event, however, it is conducted within a multiplicity of lines that can lead to a triumphant end either through overt or covert means – every moment counts in politics, and every space ought to be contested without the limitation of time.NDC therefore cannot Close it’s eyes on the lingering-obvious that is poking at us on the heels of “it’s not yet time” while we continue to murmur in our homes, little gatherings, offices etc as to who we should expect to lead the party as the next general secretary

It is vital and equally paramount that we the NDC demonstrate sobriety, integration and not disintegration in every step of the political processes by the various interest-blocs. As such, we must be open to a broader, healthy and progressive internal party conversation on who best fits to shield the umbrella to Victory as a measure of energising and exciting our base, in so far as it is done cordially with the bigger picture in sight while we continue to aggressively pursue the business of running a successful government by helping the John Mahama, in consolidating our gains thus far– it is possible to walk and chew gum at the same time.

I am therefore inclined on the premise of the above detailed principle to offer my firm view on the way forward for our party NDC as far as the forthcoming Congress is concerned.

The huge question then remains, who is capable of delivering unto us the Victory with a deal of no difficulty in the not-too-distant future? Having gauged the pulse of the NDC members, sympathisers and the good people of Ghana, analysed the strengths and electoral records of the prospective candidates seeking to take the mantle as the next general secretary of the great party NDC thus upon critical and reflective opining, I am without a doubt that *Hon.Elvis Afriyie Ankrah* has a towering merit that can cement our victory going into 2024 general elections.

With the obvious being Indicated coupled with the grace and goodwill that comes with the candidature of Elvis Afriyie Ankrah across the rank and file of our party including the generality of Ghanaians, I shall in subsequent paragraphs and the second part of this tidding , detail a cocktail of tangible reasons why in my considered view, I deem him worthy of holding the key of the general Secretary.

To put it more succinctly, it is essence that an inevitable factor which ought to be considered in the search for the next general secretary, hon.Elvis Afriyie Ankrah’s electoral record viz-a-viz his personality speaks volumes. Thanks

By Lawrence Odoom

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication do not in anyway reflect the opinions of State News Ghana

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