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I can only pay you if E-Levy is accepted by parliament-roads minister to Contractors

Highways Minister, Kwasi Amoako-Attah has indicated that all outstanding debts of Contractors can only be cleared if the controversial E-levy tax is passed by parliament

According to the minister, the roads sector will get its due share of the E-levy immediately it’s received greenlight from parliament

Mr Kwasi Amoako-Attah who was addressing Contractors at a meeting appeared visibly optimistic that the E-levy will be the magic wand to deal with the financial burdens in his ministry.

He, therefore, implored on them to be the crusaders of the e-levy to be accepted by Ghanaians because they will be the direct beneficiaries.

“…E-levy comes, we get our first share into the roads sector. Within a very short time, all outstanding contractors’ debts will be paid and you can work more for this country. And we expect you to speak, you are going to be the direct beneficiaries and any serious government will not joke with Contractors because the construction industry is where from the unskilled to the skilled people are employed…” he stated.2

He stressed out that the monetary circulations in the country can only be possible if Contractors are paid.

“…If you want me to circulate very well, pay Contractors…” he added.

Speaking on the decommissioning of the tollbooths, the Minister said the average yearly accruals could not even construct a 10 kilometre of road.

“… the tollbooth, we were getting an average of GHc 68 million a year, about 5 to 6 million a month all the 38 tollbooths we have in Ghana that everyone thought that we were collecting revenue. We have been saying this all the time and you are Contractors; you know the cost of even constructing a kilometer of road.

So if you get GHc 68million on average the whole year, January to December, you are Contractors, depending on the ground condition, if you don’t take care, that amount can’t even construct 10 kilometers of road…”

Story by Lawrence Odoom

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication do not in anyway reflect the opinions of State News Ghana

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